Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day trading zones

http://www.daytradingzones.com -  this website is run by an excellent trader, but I was never able to learn his day trading system. Now it looks like he is doing longer options and swing trades. I need to check this out, and see what he is charging for his service.
He trades stocks, futures, and options. His option trades are not simple, and will take some education to understand.

Trading Emini - He also has another site, I am not sure what the difference between the two sites are?

Stock Market

This website has many good reviews on stock market newsletters and advisory services. This is one of the few that are not rated poor. I am thinking about signing up, it looks like they have recently increased there prices.

http://www.kcapitaladvisors.com  -  this is the website, there is No link from the review site. I like that they do swing trades, and are not day traders.

http://hitandruncandlesticks.com/swing-trading-strategies/  -  This website has some interesting information for beginning swing traders.